Designed to give dealerships the ability to maintain accountability of keys at all times, we combine extensive reporting features with the latest software to create verifiable audit trails and a level of key control that is unmatched.

KeyVault strives to provide the automotive industry with the highest quality and most advanced key control systems on the market. Our focus is to provide unsurpassed customer service and support.
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Product Highlight

Our Touchscreen technology allows your employees to quickly and efficiently make transactions in the KeyVault system.

With a touchscreen, a login and password can be entered much faster and more effectively than with a keyboard. Employees can then quickly get the key to their prospect.

DMS Integration

KeyVault offers several different DMS integration options, including Auto/Mate, Autosoft, Dealertrack, and Reynolds and Reynolds ERA and POWER. With eSync software, which can interface with any other DMS or third-party system, KeyVault delivers complete integration with a dealership's current system.


KeyVault's eSync software provides sales representatives access to a vehicle as soon as it is in the DMS. The eSync software automatically retrieves new vehicle data from the DMS system. If a user has a vehicle's stock number, they can enter it into the KeyVault system and electronically import the information such as make, model, year, color and VIN.

The software also provides nightly batch exports from the DMS. Prospect and user information can also be exported from the KeyVault system to the DMS using eSync. KeyVault's eSync software eliminates the need to manually reenter the information into the KeyVault system, reducing the possibility of human error and improving efficiency.

eSync DMS Integration

The eSync product supports multiple servers including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturer and DMS servers. The eSync software is also customizable to a dealership's needs, providing multiple import and export features between the KeyVault system and the DMS server.

Call your manufacturer's representative for more information about integrating your current KeyVault system with a DMS system.

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