Designed to give dealerships the ability to maintain accountability of keys at all times, we combine extensive reporting features with the latest software to create verifiable audit trails and a level of key control that is unmatched.

KeyVault strives to provide the automotive industry with the highest quality and most advanced key control systems on the market. Our focus is to provide unsurpassed customer service and support.
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Product Highlight

Our Touchscreen technology allows your employees to quickly and efficiently make transactions in the KeyVault system.

With a touchscreen, a login and password can be entered much faster and more effectively than with a keyboard. Employees can then quickly get the key to their prospect.

KeyVault to Help NADA 2017 Attendees Cut Down on Re-keying Costs


December 7, 2016

KeyVault representatives will be participating in the 100th National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo in New Orleans, LA, January 26-29, 2017. At the show, they will show dealers how they can reduce the risk of key loss or theft by securing keys.

"It's always been important to secure keys, but it's vital now that replacement costs are more than ever before," said Ron Swan, president of Advanced Dealer Services, who sells KeyVault systems. "With smart keys costing $200 or more apiece, re-keying expenses can really start eating into a dealer's profits."

KeyVault allows dealers to control key access by storing keys in electronic drawer-based systems. For employee accountability, the systems utilize biometric fingerprint readers, which also offer users quick system access.

For efficiency, KeyVault systems offer integration with dealership management systems — including CDK Global and Reynolds and Reynolds POWER® and ERA® — as well as the ability for managers to administer the system remotely through a web portal.

To receive a demo of KeyVault, stop by booth #2501 at NADA. For more information about the convention, visit

About KeyVault
KeyVault is an electronic key security system that gives dealerships the ability to account for vehicle keys at all times. The KeyVault system features a touch screen and biometric fingerprint reader, creating a verifiable audit trail and enabling users to check keys out quickly without compromising security. Its Web-based management technology allows clients to access the KeyVault system from any computer with Internet access. To learn more about KeyVault, call 866.563.0629 or email

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